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Please note: We are a small, non-profit organization. We are not able to provide information about products not included on this site, or additional information about products which are included. If you have questions about product ingredients, contact the manufacturer. You can use information in the “Common Hazardous Chemicals” sections, including the links, to evaluate the health impact of product ingredients.

EHANS - Who We Are And What We Do

The Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia (EHANS), formerly the Nova Scotia Allergy and Environmental Health Association, is a community based, non-profit, charitable organization run entirely by volunteers. Our focus is on environmental health, the impact on human health of common hazards in our indoor and outdoor environments.

Our work has two major components:

  • Providing information and support to Nova Scotians with environmental illnesses.
  • Developing public awareness about major factors which can develop or worsen environmental illnesses, with the objective of preventing disease and creating healthier communities.

Some of the major issues on which we work include access to medical treatment for people with environmental illnesses, decreasing pesticide use, promoting use of less toxic products, encouraging scent-free environments and eliminating sources of indoor air pollution in workplaces, homes and schools.

WWW.ENVIRONMENTALHEALTH.CA is an EHANS website containing articles from our publications, position papers and more.

Contact EHANS through our toll free number 1-800-449-1995 or by mail at PO Box 31323, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3K 5Y5.

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